CFI Round Table

The Greater St. Louis Flight Instructors Association is dedicated to providing educational and professional development opportunities to Professional Flight Instructors in the St. Louis Area.  As part of that mission, every other month, we host a CFI Roundtable, an open-forum discussion tacking important and relevant issues to flight instructors.  In the past we have discussed Ethics and Professionalism, Quality of Flight Instruction, the “1500 hour Rule” and other topics.  Each evening has brought instructors, DPE’s, students and others into an open dialogue about those issues and concerns that have a direct effect on the aviation industry, specifically you: the professional instructor.

We are always looking for topics to discuss during these round tables and of course we can always use volunteers.  If you have an issue you would like us to discuss, or if you’d like to host one of these Roundtables at your FBO, Flight School, etc. please contact us.

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