CFI Articles

The following is a list of resources including regulatory changes and issues, tools, publications and instructional aids for the professional Flight Instructor to utilize.  If you have anything to add to this list, please e-mail your suggestion to CFI Article Ideas.

Regulatory News/Issues

Information about and links to important regulatory changes affecting instructors.  It is our job to stay informed about any upcoming changes and to have the most current information.

FAA Safety Alerts

Click above for FAA SAFO alerts.

The resources listed here are also available in printed form from several publishers, such as ASA, Jeppesen, Gleim, King Schools, etc.  The links here are to the online versions from the FAA.  Always make sure the copy you have is the most current.

NPRM’s & Recent Rule making Documents – Federal Register

Information on Notices of Proposed Rulemaking and receny published regulations.  This is a great source for staying up to date on the latest regulations and proposed changes.

Practical Test Standards (PTS)

The “gold standard” for practical examinations.  Be sure to have the latest versions of these in your possession!  Too many to fit here: the above link will take you to the FAA list of current versions for all Category/Class PTS’s.  Below are some of the most common.

Selected Advisory Circulars (AC’s)

Follow the above link for a searchable database of all current and historical AC’s.  The list below is a few of the most common for Flight Instructors.  *Webmaster’s Note: AC-91-67 has a great flowchart for teaching proper decision-making regarding Inoperative Equipment (91.213).

61-65ECertification: Pilots and Flight and Ground Instructors
61-67CStall and Spin Awareness Training
61-98ACurrency and Additional Qualification Requirements for Certificated Pilots
61-9BPilot Transition Courses for Complex Single Engine and Light, Twin-Engine Airplanes
61-10APrivate and Commercial Pilots Refresher Courses
91-63CTemporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs/TFR)
91.11-1Guide to Drug Hazards in Aviation Medicine
91-67Minimum Equipment Requirements for General Aviation Operations Under FAR Part 91
91-32BSafety in and Around Helicopters
91-13CCold Weather Operation of Aircraft
91-74APilot Guide: Flight in Icing Conditions
91-51AEffect of Icing on Aircraft Control and Airplane Deice and Anti-Ice Systems

Reference Manuals

These publications (AC’s) are the primary sources for flight instructors, all available online from the FAA’s website.

Instructional Aids (coming soon!)

Online Resources (coming soon!)

Organizations & Groups (coming soon!)