Minutes from Oct. BOD Meeting

GSLFIA Board of Directors Meeting

October 20, 2014


Members present:

Chuck Williams, Don Hoffmann, Keith Mueller, Scott Thompson, Nick Loftus, Dick Horowitz, Dave Pressy, Gloria Bahn and Susan Corrigan.


Minutes reviewed and approved.


Susan announced her new position as Safety Inspector with the St. Louis FSDO. She is no longer permitted to serve as a Board Member and is here in official capacity. Congrats Susan.


Treasurer Report:

Current Balance: $16,141.20

Chuck will take the role of treasurer thru the FIRC

Budget for 2015 submitted by Dave.  Discussed and approved.

We are not returning to MHC. Another location should be selected within the week.



162 members

11 were new from the FIRC.

Mailings should go out Nov. 1st week.

Ballot needs to be prepared. Dave and Chuck will take control.

Don submitted a detailed plan for end of year activities. (Thank you that helps)

Mass mailing will be at 6 pm on Nov. 3. At MillionAir, KSUS


Newsletter deadline is Oct. 27, 2014.


Location of MACTS pending. Deadline Dec. 1.

WOH was a suggested location.

SWIC was suggested. No action taken.



President … Pending

Vice… Dick Horowitz



BOD meeting adjourned.



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