Minutes from July 7 Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting

July 7, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:12pm


Directors Present:

Dave Pressy, Gloria Bahn,  Keith Mueller , Don Hoffmann,

Craig O’Mara,  Scott Thompson.

Minutes from April 21 Meeting approved.


Treasurers Report:

Chuck Williams agreed to serve as Treasurer during Mel’s illness.

Checking balance:  $17,652.00 per Dave.

(2) … 1000.00 scholarships granted and one applicant is pending.



Don reports 3 new members. 159 total.



Tom Russell and John Ladley roundtables successful.

Ideal Aviation (CPS) Offered space for future Roundtables.

Thank you to Air Associates for hosting the last RT.


Learn to Fly:

Last event not well attended primarily due to weather . Generating interest for

future events and marketing was discussed.

Several  ideas were shared . Craig has explored and tested methods of success

and failure.

Linking into other Aviation youth groups is believed to be key…Ie: Young Eagles etc…..

Scott discussed the possibility of making the program more attractive through

Use of the Redbird FTD , mentor system  , and FBO or Sporty’s type program.

Competition  software is available from Redbird.



Craig has volunteers lined up to revise and reform the 2015 content.

Keith shared ideas on buffing up maintenance content.

July 19, there is a plan to meet with the Director of Go Jet and discuss

creative hiring and possibly bounty options. Ask Craig about details.


Mentor program:

No action taken at this time. Craig discussed National Mentorship.



We have a Facebook page. All can contribute. Deadline for Newsletter submissions is July 15.

We can promote educational programs and facilities in the Bi-State area.

Please contact Dave for content or questionable content.


2015 MACTS:

Has split off from FIRC. FIRC is 2015 Jan. 24-25.

FIRC remains at Maryland Heights Center.

The MACTS location is TBD.

Exploratory committee (for location) will consist of  Keith , Craig and Gloria.


We still need input on Award recipients for 2015.


There being no further discussion, the meeting adjourned

at 7:35 pm.



Gloria Bahn  Secretary

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