Minutes from Feb. 2nd BOD Meeting

GSLFIA Board of Directors Meeting


Millionair KSUS


Members Present:

Keith Mueller, Phil Dixon, Scott Thompson, Don Hoffman, Gloria Bahn, Nick Loftus, Chuck Williams, Dan Reed


Minutes from 1/5/2015 accepted


Treasurer Report

Only currently outstanding bills will pertain to FIRC costs


Discussion of FIRC

Members attending FIRC proposed the idea of having the FIRC alternate between Missouri and Illinois.

Members were more accepting of the Illinois venue knowing that GSLFIA saved so much money on venue

Wi-Fi issues at SWIC

May not be such a bad idea to not have wi-fi available to keep attention

Keith has already discussed logistics for providing wi-fi for future

Should not be a problem for future events

We had 39 total attendees

34 Revalidated

5 Audits

Unsure at this time how many of the 34 revalidations actually paid

Discussion of possibility of increased marketing to Illinois pilots

Possibly handing out a publication such as FAR/AIM in future FIRC


Possibility of having an online version of the FIRC

Videotaping the classroom FIRC and offering it year round online

Something similar to American Flyers or other online competition

Possibility of doing multiple FIRCs in a year (summer and winter)

Possible association with NAFI

Committee to expand FIRC to present an online option

Nick Loftus, John Ladley, Dave Pressy

Nick will see if they are OK with being involved


MACTS 14th Awards Dinner

Amelia Rose Earhart will be key note speaker

We have invited 6 local girls to attend and receive aa flight lesson

Flights for the 6 girls attending will be given by schools and individuals in the area

Cost to attend will be $35 a plate.

Invitations need to be sent out within the next 2 weeks

Jeff Edwards FAASTeam Rep of the year

Need to establish CFI and New CFI of the year award recipient

Plaques for the award recipients need to be made ahead of time

Possibility to expand number of girls sponsored for flights next

Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting will be held on February 9th 2015

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