Meeting Minutes October 2016

GSLFIA Board of Directors Meeting


Creve Coeur Airport 1H0


Members Present:

Keith Mueller, Don Hoffman, Nick Loftus, Greg Pochapsky, Phil Dixon, Tim Braun, Dick Horowitz, and Jim Stamm

Treasurer Report

Treasurer Absent

Membership Count


FIRC January 21st and 22nd, 2017

  • Tables and Chairs
    • Dick will ask Wings of Hope to ensure we can use their chairs
  • Food
    • We will do food the same way we did last year
  • Donuts and pastries w/ coffee for breakfast
    • We will look into having someone donate breakfast
  • Lunch will be provided as well
    • We can decide exactly what lunch will be later

Keith has donated a 60 cup coffee pot to be used for GSLFIA events.


-Options for correcting billing and payments

  1. Switching to a more secure email to receive credit card info from the site where someone can then process it through square
  2. Go to a fully automated payment system such as PayPal to handle processing of credit card info from the website.
  • David will shut down the credit card portion of the website to avoid a possible lapse in security.
  • Fee for domain name and hosting will be due soon
    • David has contact Scott Thompson about getting payment in for this and is waiting to hear back


  • The newsletters from now going forward will be archived on the website
  • We need articles for the next newsletter
  • Greg mentioned the possibility of doing an article on ASR and PAR approaches
  • Nick will work up an article on how to process the new UAS and Student Pilot Certificates
  • Greg mentioned possibly doing a technical section or a question and answer section of our newsletter

November Mailing

  • We would like to get it out by November 5th or so
  • FIRC/Membership Renewal forms will be included
  • Pilot information form will be part of this as well
    • Pilots will see what they entered last year
    • Pilots will be able to add/edit any info

Trivia Night

  • Trivia Committee will meet soon to finalize items for the trivia night
  • Nick is waiting to hear back from Craig on the venue/date for the Trivia Night

Election of Officers

  • We have two open positions on the board
  • Keith mentioned the possibility of David Masson coming on board as a board member once he completes his initial CFI exam

Awards Banquet

  • We need to nail down date and venue for the event
    • The planetarium puts us with about a $3,500 loss for the event
    • Discussion followed on alternatives such as changing venue or charging more for attendance
    • Keith will secure the planetarium for now but we need to make a decision soon
  • We also need to come up with a key note speaker
    • A big name speaker is also going to cost a lot of money
    • There are some local people who would make good keynote speakers but wouldn’t give us the name recognition.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm

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