Meeting Minutes November 2016

GSLFIA Board Meeting November 21, 2016

Creve Coeur Airport 6:00pm

Keith Mueller

Greg Pochapsky

Craig O’Mara

Jim Stamm

Tim Braun

Dick Horowitz

Don Hoffman

Brian Borton

Dave Pogorzelski

Jeff Rapp


Don Hoffman – membership stands at 140, 40 completed 2016 FIRC.

Jim Stamm – Briefed proposed By-Law changes. Jeff Rapp – Ballots will be mailed 11/22/16. FIRC flyers to be mailed soon.

Craig O’Mara – Steve Lieber has offered use of hangar for 2017 FIRC and trivia night. John Ladley will be unavailable for FIRC. All subject matter has instructor assigned. Dick Horowitz and Brian Borton will coordinate chairs and tables. Craig will check with Phil Dixon to determine need for FIRC applicants to utilize IACRA.efforts.

Jeff Rapp – briefed efforts to get bi-state area junior and senior high school students involved in aviation. Briefed Aviation Day 4/25/17 at Mid-America airport

Greg Pochapsky – briefed TRACON visit and newsletter technical information section. Craig suggested revival of CFI Tips section. Information will be sent to Greg and circulated among board members for review and suggestions.

Other – Annual GSLFIA dinner; looking at 4/22 as possible date. Looking at 3/25 for trivia night.


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