February Board of Directors Meeting

The GSLFIA Board of Directors met on Monday, February 17th at 6:00pm in the conference room at Millionair, KSUS.  The Board of Directors meets every other month throughout the year and when special meetings are called by the President, etc.  The next meeting will be on Monday, April 21st.

The following are the minutes from that meeting.  If you have any questions regarding the information discussed here, or about the Board in general, or would like to present information and/or ideas to the Board at the next meeting, please contact us via email: gslfiastl@gmail.com, or via phone/text at 314-566-3118.

GSLFIA  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


Millionair KSUS 

Directors present:

Dave Pressy, Don Hoffmann, Nick Loftus, Mel McCollum, Gloria Bahn, Susan Corrigan,  Dick Horowitz,  John Ladley,  Phil Dixon, Chuck Williams.

Directors not in Attendance: Dan Reed (out of town on business), Keith Mueller (dealing with broken water main)

No minutes from Christmas Party.

Financial/Treasurer Report:

  • Current balance: $19k
  • Net revenue from MACTS/FIRC approx. $6200.00

Membership Report and FIRC:

Don Hoffman, Membership Coordinator, provided summary:

  • 45 attended FIRC
  • 189 Current Members
  • 47 not renewed
  • 142 renewed
  • We will call those members who did not renew as last year.
  • General membership had declined by 10


Next month a newsletter is due. Mailings and blue books as well.  Gloria, Joy and Don will coordinate. Newsletter deadline is Feb. 28.


Updated with MACTS/FIRC pictures and reviews. Now we have presence on Facebook, Twitter with links to website.


General decision not to offer online option. Discussion and agreement followed. 

Educational Programs:

Idea to present ATP guidelines and Transition to Airlines. This is natural follow up to previous round tables. Tom Russell may present.  Phil will check with him on March/April availability.  “Best Practices” roundtable will also be on the schedule.

***John Ladley is looking for ideas that he can share with NAFI on best practices in the industry. Please submit any ideas to John. ***


Prolonged discussion followed. Pros and cons of date / space/ content followed. Learn to Fly program has been eliminated due to expense and poor turnout. This will reduce all charges on Sunday for the Main Room. Motion made to divide the FIRC and MACTS by Dick Horowitz, second by Chuck Williams. Passed unanimously. Banquet will be attached to the MACTS. March 2015 is selected as the target month for MACTS/ Banquet. 


  • Committee assignments, review of by-laws to follow per Dave.
  • Dave will talk to individuals regarding assignments.
  • Scholarship details discussed. There is an online application.
  • Missouri Aviation Day is April 8th per Phil. He has invited us to attend.
  • Location is Jefferson City as usual.
  • Mel suggested that we rehab the GSLFIA accounting system with new software. All agreed.
  • June 7/8 Airport days being investigated. Details to follow.

No further business.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm. 

Next meeting April 21.

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